We're excited to say that our treats are now available in 174 Countdown stores up and down the country. They are also available in all South Island Pak N Saves and most South Island New Worlds. In the North Island select New Worlds and Pak N Saves also carry stock. We are reviewing our online store in light of all of these retailers offering online options.

Chunky Chew 2nds (approx 500g)

Mixed Chew 2nds Pack

These packs are great value and great variety. Similar to a mixed chew pack, but utilising some of the smaller bits that just didn't quite make the grade.

They can contain a mix of the following 2nds:

Lamb Waffle Bites

Beef Chews (Weasand)

Bull Chews (Beef Pizzle)

Pigs Ears

Possum Sticks


There is some natural variation in these packs due to production variations, these are considered seconds because they may be small, irregular shaped, off-cuts, or otherwise not suitable for sales as first quality products. Not all of the products listed above will be in all packs and the above image is only a representation of what could be included.